Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Split Rail in a larger version, I've seen it called other things.... from my stash of blues, using up some leftovers, a nice addition to my living room. This pattern was a tablecloth for a round table I saw in a magazine and adapted it to use as a lap quilt.


Tall Tails or Braid, I've seen many names for this one. I actually "invented" my own way to create this look which was much easier than the directions in the book "Laps from Fats". These are whimsical kid prints collected from scraps and donations. A great way to use up strips or even split rail blocks left over from other quilts.

This quilt was made for a new baby boy of a customer of ours. They weren't able to have kids so adopted a sweet little girl from China.....who also got a quilt.....and then....as those things happen....they have had a lovely boy. It all needed celebrating for sure!

Not sure why the top photo has a yellow cast, this one is more true to color.

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Chasing the Winter blues! I just had to do something to bring some sunshine into my livingroom so I pulled out the tulip remnant and flipped through my collection of magazines to find this pattern..Sunny Days. (go to quiltmag.com to find the pattern!) I'm still working on quilting it by hand. In the meantime, it's doing it's job of brightening the corner of my livingroom!

This pillow is made from a couple of leftover squares that I sent off to my friend to do the same for her.
Molly loves her quilt! It was a late present for turning 5 and getting her own bed after sharing.

I had worked on this one by laying it out on the guest bed. Molly went up to check out her quilt spread on the bed and didn't come down.....and this is why. She loved it so much she curled up and fell asleep.

. It's a Trip around the World pattern. The border and backing fabric are on the bed next to her.

Large Flannel squares and rectrangles, this fabric was given to me by the Fabric Fairy so I made it up and donated it to the fundraiser for the adoption expenses for Wisley.

The photo at left is a closeup of the quilting done by a lady in Bethel. Wish I could afford to get all of my quilts done!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Snails Tail is the name of this pattern. I saw it on the website Aboutquilts.com in beige and brown but thought that any contrast would be good and I think it is! This one is for our latest grandbaby Eliot who delights us like all the rest!

This one is a bit tricky because of the odd measurements of triangles but it wasn't too tedious. I decided to do the borders to flow into the swirls rather than box it in.


Crows Fence....renamed One in Every Crowd. This one is from the book named "Laps from Fats" officially called Crows Fence but it named itself One in Every Crowd because of the different corners. This was a graduation gift for my nephew, not sure if he ever got one of Aunties Quilts so now he does.

Notice the corners don't match, hence the name.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

"Take Three" is the name of this cute and easy quilt. I loved this cat fabric, I wish I had bought more of it! This one went to a great nephew in one of the Carolinas, can't keep track of all these kids coming and going. Luckily I had the Grandmother's address so sent it off!


"Lincoln Logs" is the name of these two quilts. I cut three at once...I don't recommend that....because I needed to do two wedding lap quilts. I love this backing fabric, of course I'm partial to blues.

This is from the quilt book More Laps From Fats....say that three times fast! So if you do the math, yes, I have enough pieces cut out for another one which is my intention to do one for myself, I love it so much. I included some blueberry pieces and call it my Maine quilt, blue skies, blue seas and lakes, and blueberries....life couldn't be better. The border is a nice finish, all little pieces done like piano keys. Now where did I put those extra pieces?

This one falls into the category of "other pastimes". I took another series of painting classes and made this for my baby sister's birthday. I have to photo things otherwise I wouldn't be able to part with them!


"Brick Wall" is the name of this baby quilt. Same set of pieces as the last one but my neighbor gave me a new pattern and inspiration hit....This one has been sent off to a great niece of Bruce's down in Virginia, Emma. I think 30's reproduction fabrics are perfect for a sweet baby girl named Emma. My stock of those fabrics is getting depleted with so many babies being born. I'm still about 4 quilts behind!

"Quiet Time" is the name of this 30's reproduction quilt. I love the soft, sentimental look of those older fabrics. This one is for the daughter of a loooong time employee (who has left our employ but not our "family"). She Finally had a baby girl last summer, the spitting image of her beautiful Momma.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"Floral Throw" was the name of this one....but I think it's a Summer Garden. My quilting buddy gave me this pattern and one snowy day, I just had to sew florals! This one went to my beloved Virginia SIL. Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1930's Reproduction Fabrics....again! This pattern came in an advertisement for quilting magazines. I used the pattern but didn't buy the magazine!
This is one of my favorite patterns for a baby quilt, I will definately try it again when the need arises. This one is for my cousin Barbie and soon to be born baby daughter Olivia. Can't wait to hear the news!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nine Patch, an old fashioned pattern, done with more of those beautiful reproduction fabrics. This quilt went to a former employee who had a baby in February. I put flannel on the back for cuddling brought the back to front instead of binding it. Simple but soooo sweet.
I thought I was getting low on repros but a friend dropped off a few more pieces to incorporate in upcoming projects and I'm currently working on another variation with some of my repro scraps. My bins runneth over.


Take 3 pattern, this quilt was long overdue for a grand nephew in Maryland. Ky turned one year old this month and celebrated by graduating out of the helmet he'd worn since birth to re-shape his head.
I added a second border onto this basic size because of his age, and chose the baseball fabric, no sissy baby stuff for him! The Stevens family are BIG on baseball so hope he loves it for a long time.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Here is the detail for Oliver's quilt. I put a binding made of little star fabric, a last minute find but great addition. The back is a plaid flannel, so cuddly. Can't wait til he comes on Friday to test drive it!